Stress management skills for life to run smoother

Stress management skills for life to run smoother

Transform your life and achieve your goals with Maria’s professional and personalized coaching to keep you on track and inspired!

Are you just working, parenting, eating and maybe the odd work out… and not much else?

With simple strategies and structure I will introduce lasting healthy habits that will see you achieving in all areas of Life-Balance. You will feel more fulfilled, organised and less stressed. We will balance 8 areas of your life so you feel like you are moving forward.

During your coaching with me.

  • Together we look at what habits you have that are limiting you to be the best version of you.
  • Actions and strategies and a schedule for your day-to-day to move differently will follow.
  • We build upon your Authentic likes and strengths.
  • You will learn to park what is not serving you right now. What you can achieve right now in this season of time is key.
  • Long term intentions and a vision board to help you notice opportunities in the future will help you look ahead while you are facing the present.
  • Up skilling you on how to shut off an overthinking mind, ditch habits that aren’t helping you and get more done in your day is our priority.

Together, you and I will work on self-esteem, friendships, life-balance, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Affirmations and resilience to bounce back from what pops up that bothers you.

Empowering You to Live Your Best Life

Personal growth. We will nail it.

Your journey with me comes with a complete programme workbook called Actionable Awesomeness. This workbook is both in a colour eBook and printed black and white as a workbook. Your programme workbook (which is posted to you if you live away from my Northland hometown and we are doing zoom sessions together). This workbook is a reference tool that will carry you well beyond our immediate sessions together. If you visit me in my office in Kerikeri, you will be given this in person.

A selection of sensory regulation products are available to you in my office or from my online store. These resources will equip you with a holistic approach to managing your mental health.

For the kids in your life and for parenting support for you, I have a published the Bounce Back activity journal, inspirational printable’s and a product line to support their sensory regulation.

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Parenting when you are neurodivergent… or have neurodivergent kids.

ASD, ODD, Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia and more.

Personal coaching with parents, caregivers and your child facing challenges can help you and your family connect. Calm the chaos and get in touch to book one-to-one sessions online via Zoom or at my Kerikeri office.

Specialist products and skillset teaching those with Neuro-diversity’s

Specialist products and skillset teaching those with Neuro-diversity’s

It is my mission to equip and encourage youth and adults through products and coaching which promote organisation skills, self-esteem, Mindfulness, Breathwork Pilates and Resilience.

These modalities teach ‘how’ to bounce back from life’s ups and downs for personal growth.